Hello Untattooed Little Miracle… Art Pop Is Coming Soon :)
Has anyone thought of this b4?

Legendary Brandon Lanvin World domination 2 “The Revenge”
Hairline game DJ 

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totally need this!
would I cum if i saw this in person? probably!
love this, all tough i would never do it, i like seein it not being it LOL

Thursday, May 30. 2013
Shapeways 3D Printing Enabling Everything Forever

Ok, it may sound like a grand statement, but it is true. The Everything Forever Belt by Katie Gallagher.
Katie Gallagher collaborated with Francis Bitonti Studio put 3D printed stainless steel belts on the runway for her spring/summer 2013 collection. A new version of the belt is now available through the Katie by Katie Gallagher diffusion line.
If you have an idea for a design but do not have the 3D modeling skills (yet), you can find a Designer for Hire like Francis Bitonti to help you design and 3D print anything, forever.

I Love this… what is it? LOL its a bow tie right?